We are a husband and wife team that decided to jump into an adventure together to follow a passion but also to serve the people around us. We are a united team that strives to love and serve every person we come in contact with, reflecting the love and service that God has extended to us in our own lives. We decided to start Revelations Video because we wanted to capture the real, candid and natural stories and moments that happen all around us. Whether it be a wedding day, a business mission, a charity organization or any other incredible part of life, we want to show the world what's behind it all!




This is us!



Creative director and people-person

The retired beach lifeguard with an artist's mind and a people-pleasing heart. She's got an eye for the little things, but an imagination way bigger than her five-foot, three-inch self.



Technology manager and certified goofball

Everyone's favorite high school math teacher with the brawn and the brain behind all things technological. He's the logical thinker who will also stop at nothing to make sure that he gets you laughing before he leaves the room.


We can point out Revelations all around us, if we stop to notice them. So whether you are joining in a marriage covenant, building your business, serving your community or have any other very special moment that is meaningful to you, we want to help preserve that memory for you so that you can cherish it and be encouraged by it for the years to come.