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Wedding Experience

You’ve dreamed about this day ever since you were a little girl. It’s been one of your purest, truest dreams for your entire life. Your wedding day is something that can’t be recreated or staged. That being said, we stand firm on our focus of staying candid, natural and real with the way that we shoot. We stay in the background during the events of the day, and we do our best to never interfere with anything that’s going on. We may direct you to the good lighting or move the ugly lamp out of the way while you’re getting your dress buttoned up or when he’s getting his boutonniere pinned on, but that’s all just part of the way we look out for you to make sure we give you the highest quality video and photos that we can.
We were in your shoes not that long ago, preparing for our own wedding day. We know how exciting and also how stressful it can be. That is why we love going the extra mile to take care of our couples even months before their wedding day. We are always available to give you recommendations for other vendors you might be looking for, and you should also keep your eye on your mailbox for little goodies here and there.

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The passion that Scott and Lindsay use in their job is so apparent. They really care about you and about your story.