A Late, Late Night

Well, it's going to be a late, late night here for Scott and I. We've both got a week off and we are using our time to catch up from all of our summer weddings! Stay tuned for some beautiful trailers from 5 very unique weddings!

It's been so exciting to witness these past few weddings. One at a barn, another at a country club and believe it or not, we did another one at a freaking castle! More and more, I am learning that there will always be more to learn and more to adapt to when we're filming these weddings- and being business partners with your husband is a very similar situation. There is always something new and exciting to discover, but at the same time there is always another challenge to overcome. Our business is growing stronger as we grow in our experience with filming, and our marriage is growing stronger as we learn to navigate various challenges and obstacles.

But I'll tell you, it is a really awesome gift to be able to share a passion like this one with the man you love. We get to be a team in our marriage but also in a very unique way when we film weddings too. You all take us back to when WE said "I do" every time we set up another tripod or run across a crowded room to catch that perfect moment we see in the corner of our eye. Thank you for the gift that is.

Now- back to editing!

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