Emma & Destin

After a good, long struggle with our hard drive (which we are most definitely replacing asap), we are back on the horse and going strong! We just published our trailer from Destin and Emma's beautiful wedding and we couldn't be more excited for you to learn about this couple- This was the first wedding we've ever attended where to be completely honest, the attention was not centered on the couple- and they planned it that way!

They used every part of their wedding to reflect Christ's love, to tell everyone in attendance about the joy and peace and direction they've found in Jesus. This was complete with their own individual stories shared at their ceremony through a beautiful documentary a close friend made for them. They had a skit after dinner that told their love story in a hilarious yet very real way, made up by their close friends and family. On top of that, their reception was not filled with dancing and eating and drinking but it was actually just completely a time of worship. Their entire crowd of wedding guests were all together in one room, hands raised with the biggest smiles on their faces you could ever imagine.

In a nutshell- these two people grew up going in two very different directions. HE survived a gunshot wound that should have been fatal...and at about this same time, SHE wrote prayers down for him in her diary, when she hardly even knew him. God answered, and saved his life and brought these two people together. Fast forward to their wedding day- SHE survives a bad car accident on her way to meet her groom for their "first look". While he waited for his bride, HE prayed with all of his groomsmen to keep her safe. Her car is totaled, yet she and her bridesmaids walked away from the crash with nothing more than a few bruises and a bandage wrapped around her shoulder. GOD IS GOOD! Can you see Him working here?

What a gift it was to witness these two incredible people becoming one. Thank you Destin and Emma for sharing your day with us.

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