It's not. About. You.

Photo Credit- Nate Heckenberger

You know those days where life feels just out of control and non-stop? Yup. so...that's pretty much been every single day for Scott and I for the last three months. Moving to a new house is not as simple as I remembered it being when I was ten years old (and my parents packed and unpacked everything hah). We were unpleasantly surprised by how stressful and overwhelming it was (is). Not to mention the tension it can put on a marriage.

We're going on two years now and it's definitely an adventure. A GREAT adventure! All you newlyweds-to-be and recently married peeps, listen up.

You're in it together. and it's not. about. you. The best way to make your marriage grow and work and THRIVE is to spend more time looking for all the ways you can bring a little joy to your spouse than the time you take to dwell on the things you wish THEY were doing for you. It's not. about. you.

I will be the first to tell you, truthfully and honestly- I'm not good at this. It's hard to be good at this. But the times that I am good at this are some of the most beautiful and exciting, fulfilling moments I've experienced in my marriage with Scott.

The stress of moving to a new house makes it really easy to fall into that "he's not helping me unpack enough" or "she's not being all that fun lately" kind of attitude. It's easier to hold a grudge or to get bitter about stuff when life feels disorganized. But here's the fix. Just take a moment out of every day to think about what it is that you could do today to serve your spouse. That one moment you take out of your day to think about serving someone else (your spouse or really, anyone at all) it can reset your whole outlook and demeanor.

Marriage is definitely challenging at times. But even so, it has got to be the most exciting, surprising, mysterious, and life-giving journey you can embark on with another human being. Cherish every sweet moment and grow from every challenging one. God made marriage to show us His love and to grow us closer to Him each day- You'll see His love in the joy that you experience in serving your spouse and looking for ways to bless them. You'll grow closer to Him through every challenge.

SO....back to business. Scott and I have been stressed, yes. We took a little time off from filming so that we could get settled in at our new place. But we're back on the horse now! Coming back fast and furious! We are SOOO excited about what we have for you, coming up (some beautiful weddings to share with you, and ALL NEW EQUIPMENT!) Check back in soon!

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