Just Dance.

Happy Saturday afternoon everyone! I have to share something with you. I just want to be real with you all, and give you a chance to get to know us as real people. For those of you who don't know, Scott and I both have jobs during the week- (it's the only way we're able to continue to grow this business for now). He's a math teacher and I am the program director at the senior center near our house. Our dream is to have Revelations Video really take off, even more than it is now. One- because it is our passion and our dream but two- so that when we have kids some day in the near future, I can stay at home and be there for them- and we're definitely heading in the right direction! We're so excited!

With all of these dreams and prayers that we have for our future, it's sometimes really easy to lose track of what's happening RIGHT NOW. Right in front of us. We get frustrated. We get let down. We get stressed. Very often, we forget to take a night off and just BE together. I'm sure a lot of you have been there too, in whatever way your own dreams and wishes tie you up. Let me capture your attention for one more moment so that I can explain this photograph for you.

I took this picture a week or so ago. It was in the middle of a stressful day at work (at the senior center). I sat back in my chair, and was just about ready to have a melt-down from some situation I can't even remember at the moment. My eyes wandered to the view right outside of my office door. That's where these two love-birds were.

I looked up just in time to see them sneak behind the wall when "Earth Angel" by the Penguins (or you might recognize it by the words of "my darling dear...love you all the time") came on the radio. There are a lot of seniors that come to the center that I work at, so it's hard to know all of them all that well. What I do know about this couple, is that he is not in the best health. He has a little trouble walking in his old age and he sometimes forgets little things. She's a little bit more sprightly and active. I saw her grab him by the hand, and pull him into this embrace behind the wall where they thought no one would see them in this moment. But I did.

This picture, at first sight can easily make a person stop and sigh with an "Aww. How sweet" and then move on with their day. But I see a lot more in this picture than just a sweet couple in their 80's. Here's what I see, and the reason this image is one that I keep coming back to....

Our dreams, right now, as young people have so many facets to them, and there is so much pressure to achieve them, and so much that seems to be riding on them. Most days, our thoughts may play in a continuous loop of "If only I could..." or "how long must I wait until..." or "I just wish I hadn't done...". You may be getting married soon, and that's why you're on our website. You may be married already, and navigating some complicated situations. You may be single, and hoping for some dreams of yours to come to life. So look at the picture here... take a little lesson from two 80-year-olds. Take a step behind that wall (away from the rest of the world- the people who judge you, the fears of what they all think, or how you compare to them all) Encourage those around you- your soon-to-be spouse, husband or wife, friends and family, or a stranger you just met in line at the grocery store to "dance" even if it's not easy to- even if it hurts. Even if your mind is so clouded that you can't even remember what you ate for breakfast.

You've got lots of dreams. And they are definitely important. They are a part of what makes you who you are, and they give you something to work toward- a reason to be excited and passionate in the deepest parts of your heart. But here's the real dream- the one that matters the most. The song that these two are dancing to in the picture, has a verse that says "I fell for you, and I knew the vision of your loveliness. I hope and pray that some day I will be the vision of your happiness".

Those words are a perfect picture of what I know about a God who is beyond descriptions of anything we can describe or fathom. He is a vision of perfect love, perfect wisdom, perfect peace. Let us have our dreams and our passions. Let us strive to grow and be successful in our endeavors, putting our whole heart into what we do. But let us remember that our ultimate dream, and our ultimate goal should always be to reflect God's perfect love, His joy, and His example for us. I challenge you- take someone by the hand, behind the "wall" of the world and the lies that often come from it and encourage them to "dance" in the joy and the love of a God who loves us all- in spite of the frustrations, in spite of the pain, and in spite of the restlessness. Just dance.

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