Our Gift to You

Hey everyone! For this week's post, I wanted to take the time to let you all know something about Scott and I that you might have never known. There's a lot more behind the scenes of why we do what we do..why our colors are what they are, and why we hand-picked our unique, and one-of-a-kind "thank you" gifts for all of our couples.

Scott and I both had beautiful, thoughtful, courageous mothers growing up. My mother has a knack for knowing when exactly I have something on my mind that I need her help with. She shares in every exciting moment I experience, and she also knows when I've been crying, even over something stupid (no matter how much makeup I cover up with, she knows). She laughs with me, decorates my house with me, shares her hopes and dreams with me. It's a relationship that I could never replace. My mom will answer any question I have for her- on the spot. She loves to share her life.

Scott's mother was beautiful inside and out. People tell me that she could turn any serious, terrifying situation into "no big deal" with merely just her laugh and her calm, care-free demeanor. People tell me that she loved her neighbors- she loved welcoming people into her home and sharing a glass of wine at the end of a crazy day. They tell me she kept everyone in line, with her strength and also her sense of humor. They tell me she loved her sisters and her brother. She loved her husband. She loved her twin babies- she loved her son, and she would have loved me too.

I miss her. I never met her, but I miss her. I wish I knew her. I wish I had a way to know her- as the mother of my husband, as a dear friend, as a second mother I would have gained in marrying Scott.

Revelations Video- The color of our name. Teal. It's the color of hope. The color of our name was chosen after the Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation. This foundation helps to fund research and treatments for individuals and families affected by ovarian cancer. For each wedding we film, we make a donation to this foundation in Scott's mother's name. These gifts we give you all- the "know-me" books (and other surprise goodies) have a purpose. The books were written by Scott's aunt, Gretchen, his mother's sister. She wrote them so that all of the precious memories, details, and feelings would not be lost-much in the same way that we stand by the importance of capturing all of the details and emotions of every moment that we film.

The "know me" journals that we send you are for before and after your wedding day. They give you an opportunity to preserve little moments and thoughts and feelings for these precious times, so that you can look back and remember these days, and so that others can look back and know you too.

Oh, I can't even begin to tell you how badly I want to know Gail- to hear that laugh that everyone still smiles about- to share a cup of coffee with her and look through Scott's baby album. Ask her what her reaction was when she found out she was having twins...to look in her eyes and thank her from the bottom of my heart for bringing my husband into this world and raising him to be the strong, talented, wonderful man that he is.

So take those books, and fill 'em up. Share it all. It might seem cheesy, it might not be your thing. But trust me. It's worth it.

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