The Story of the Road Trip Jar

Hey strangers! It has been quite a while since I've written gets a little crazy, and unfortunately the blog didn't make it in my top 500 list of things to do for the past few weeks. But here I am again! Can I encourage you with a sweet little story today? Maybe you won't get anything out of this. Who knows. BUT. If you are someone who is feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or anxious about how you're going to make things work.... read a little further! I want to help give you some hope!

There is a couple that I know. They got married a little over two years ago. They found a little ranch house off of a back road outside of a small city. They settled in, fresh out of college and each found a job that was less than satisfying. He was a passionate math teacher, working in a cyber-school with no interaction with his students. She was a social worker at a nursing home that was going under. They had this little jar in the kitchen labeled "road trip fund" where they stashed spare change from their pockets, in hopes that they would travel across the country one day on a big adventure. Then one day he lost his job for reasons that he couldn't control. They both took on extra side jobs, just to make ends meet. They spent many nights wondering what tomorrow would look like, and sent up a million prayers that things would get easier. On more than one occasion, the little road trip jar was dumped out and counted to pay the bills.

In the midst of all of this stress, these two had a dream- that they would work together and find a way. That they would trust each other and trust that there would soon be a light at the end of the tunnel. They remembered something that they both used to do, that brought them so much joy and brought so much joy to others too. (and let's face it. These two needed a little joy in their days) They built a business. They started with only $200 in the bank, one little camcorder, and an old tripod from the basement.

Fast-forward to today. He will be walking into a school down the road tomorrow to set up his own classroom to get ready for a year of teaching math, interacting with his students and helping them grow. He spent yesterday filming a corporate event for an international business. She quit the last of her side-jobs yesterday and is now officially full-time with the business that they built, and will spend this week designing their page for a local magazine that requested their ad. And hey! They are even starting to plan a big adventure for this year with some of the profit that they made.

We are not even close to having everything figured out. There are still a lot of things that aren't perfect, and many days where we are overwhelmed or when things are tight. But I am proud to be able to say, that we're alright. We are strong and we are living each day the best we can. I hope this little story helps you to feel that you're not alone. Life is tough. But keep your patience growing, your prayers rolling, and your faith building. You're gunna be okay.

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