New Series! "Mid-Week Manual"

So we're starting this thing... a little nook in the internet where you can get a little encouragement halfway through each week. Life is exciting, adventure-filled, unpredictable, stressful, and insane all at the same time- and we are very aware that a good portion of our audience is the crowd who is planning a wedding, just starting to figure out married life, starting their own business, or trying to make it in the adult world. For you all (and Scott and I) life is even MORE crazy than it is for most people. But that's okay! We're in this together. To launch this series right, we are opening up the floor to all you lovely people to hear what your struggles are and what you'd appreciate some encouragement for. Yes, we film and edit and travel around capturing moments that you can watch later- and we love it. But deep down, in the core of who I am and who I've always been, I've always wanted to help people and be there through their struggles. I know I'm young, and there are plenty of challenges in this life that I have not seen, but there are also plenty that I HAVE seen and so much that I've learned. So... why not brighten up some days and bring a little light to folks? Comment or email me at to tell me what you want to see in here, or what you could use some direction for and I would love to get it up on the blog!

<3 Lindsay

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