A Father's Love

This past fall, we had the opportunity to film a very special wedding...the most difficult, heartbreaking wedding we've ever attended, but also the most beautiful and captivating example of family and unselfish love. Three days before her wedding day, we received a tragic email from Allison. Her father had unexpectedly passed away right after he picked up his tuxedo rental. Allison and Derek's big day arrived, a beautiful sunny, warm day at the Chester Valley Golf Club. We packed extra tissues and stopped the ipod from playing certain songs while the girls were getting ready for the day. It's just one of those things that no one on earth could prepare for, or truly know what to do to help. There's really nothing that can be said.

As a videographer, we have the privilege of witnessing an entire set of memories taking place throughout a day, noticing life from so many different angles at once and capturing real, raw emotions as they take place. I spent a good portion of the day with my own tears rolling from behind my camera. On this wedding day, I not only witnessed true, devastating pain in the faces of this family, but I also had the honor of witnessing true, unselfish love and care. I saw this in the way Derek held Allison's head in his hands as she struggled to hold herself together at the altar. I saw this in the arms embracing this bride as she put on her veil and took a deep breath before she went outside to face the world and her broken heart. I saw this in the absolute strength and compassion this mother had for her daughter, as she mustered the courage to walk Allison down the aisle in the place of her loving husband.

This video, pictured above is probably going to be the most precious footage we will ever have the privilege of filming. Allison's father wrote his speech before he passed away. In the midst of one of the most difficult days in this family's life, his words were filled with encouragement, advice and the true love that only a father could have. His words couldn't have been more perfect. Of course I would never hope that any other bride would have such a tragedy as Allison did, but it's times like these when you can most clearly see the support and never-ending love of faith and family.

Thank you, Allison and Derek for letting us capture these special moments for you. I hope that the world sees this video and knows how wonderful and amazing your father was.

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