Mark & Amy's Sneak Peek! - The Barn at Stoneybrooke

Amy was the PERFECT December bride- complete with flannel shawls for her whole bridal party and cowgirl boots with her dress. Don't let her model looks fool you though- she's one of the most rough and tumble cowgirls out there. She grew up riding horses, driving huge trucks, and going 'muddin'. She waited her whole life to find someone like Mark, her handsome military man. She always knew she'd be a military wife and she's proud of it- and proud of him. Mark seems serious and quiet when you meet him, but secretly he's a teddy-bear who cares about his new wife more than anything in this world. It was such a joy being a part of their wedding day! Not only because of their sweet, true love for each other but because I had the blessing of Amy as my best friend through my childhood years. We are so happy for you, Amy and Mark and we can't wait to see what other beautiful memories you two share together through the years!

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