5 Dirt Cheap Pieces of Videography Gear that are a MUST

We've decided that we haven't spent NEARLY enough time encouraging our fellow videographers out there! When we were first starting out, our budget was super tight as you'd expect. So we did a TON of research to get everything we needed without being in debt up to our eyeballs. Much to our surprise, we are still using a lot of those things today because they have proven to be essentials for us. To this day, WE ARE BARGAIN HUNTERS! It's not because we're cheap, or because we don't care about quality things. It's because we'd rather spend our time and investments on serving the people around us and preparing for our future. So judge me if you want, but I'm here to tell you that

It IS possible to get yourself all of the gear you need to create high quality, professional film projects for a fraction of the main stream price.

So whether you're just starting out with your business, or you're ten years in, we're letting you in on some of our favorite things!

1. The Neewer 48 Macro LED Ring Light ($29.99)

This is one of the amazon finds that I'm most proud of. This ring light attaches right to the front of my camera and can be adjusted however I need it. It can be set to continuous light or flash, and it comes with different colored diffusers. It's also made to be able to attach to any DSLR camera. We don't film any receptions without this thing. Total lifesaver.

2. Explorer Action Camera: The GoPro's long lost cousin ($59.99)

This little guy is AWESOME! It can do everything a GoPro can- maybe more. It comes with all of the mounts you need as well as a waterproof case so you can film underwater. It shoots in 4k as well! We set it up above the dance floor sometimes or up high on a balcony during ceremonies for an alternate angle.

3. Tascam DR05 Digital Recorder ($99.99)

This is another one of the essentials that we got our hands on. It took a long time to find a recorder that we were confident in trusting to capture the wedding vows and reception speeches, but this little guy has never let us down! It's small enough that you can tuck it into a suit pocket during the ceremony, but diverse enough that we've been able to purchase three of them and programmed each one to different settings so that one has a mic, one is plugged into the DJ's sound system, and we can tuck the other one away on the floor.

4. Panasonic Lumix G7 ($597.99)

I don't want to hear about the battle between Sony and Canon cameras. We've avoided all the mess and insanely priced cameras and do just fine with our Panasonic cameras! This one right here is the one that we started out with, and it's been flawless. Our favorite part is the touch focus option it has. Literally touch the subject on your screen that you want to be in focus and you got it. You can shoot in 4k and the quality mixes really well with our Sony and Canon friends that second shoot with us. I think Panasonic is one of the most well-kept secrets in the industry.

5. Ultralast Universal Charger ($18.04)

How many times have you been in a pinch because you left the house without the right charger? This thing is freaking awesome. You can charge literally any kind of battery in it- it charges AA's, Nine-volt, all of our DSLR batteries, our phones.

So long story short- We believe that you don't need to have all of the brand name stuff to make an incredible film. Develop your skills, exercise your creativity and SAVE YOUR MONEY! Pay off your debt and be free to travel the world. We love lending encouragement or tips and tricks wherever we can, so feel free to reach out!

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