How to Pick Your First Dance Song

One of the number one things that couples get stumped on when they're planning their wedding is picking out the song that will play for their first dance. Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect song for your first dance as Mr. and Mrs.!

Tip #1: Think back on your memories with each other.

Was there a song playing at the restaurant on your first date? Is there something that comes on the radio that reminds you of him? Is there a song that he sings to you? Maybe there was a random Saturday afternoon when you were washing dishes together and you both broke out in crazy dancing around the kitchen. Those songs are the best ones for your first dance! There are no limits. This is YOUR song.

Tip #2: Consider what kind of dancers you both are.

There are few things quite as scary as being in the center of the dance floor, with everyone watching you struggle to stay on the beat of a song. Don't pick something that would be unusual for either of you to dance to. You don't have to pick anything fancy- it's not about impressing your guests (although high five to you if you do!) But bottom line, you should pick something that neither of you will be stumbling over or will be freaking out about on the morning of your wedding, trying to remember some crazy choreography.

Tip #3: Pick Something Unique to YOU.

Being in the wedding industry, we hear SO many first dance songs. (*face-palm here*) SO many people choose the same song! Every year there is a song that plays over and over on the radio that every bride-to-be hears and thinks "oh my gosh! That's a perfect wedding song!" (No pun intended *ahem* -perfect- *cough*). It's like, they hear a song and think "I've waited like a thousand years for a song like this for my wedding!" Okay. I'm done being a dork haha But SERIOUSLY. Don't you want a song that is yours, and not the same one that every other bride had on her wedding day? Spend a little time looking through your old playlists or mixing it up on Pandora. There are some real gems out there!

Whether you've already got it narrowed down to a handful to choose from, or you're starting at square one with no idea what you want to pick out for that dance, remember this- Bottom line, it's your very first dance as husband and wife. EVER. How freaking cool is that?! So at the end of the day, all that matters is that you're looking into each other's eyes and soaking up that married bliss. We're so excited for you on this new adventure!

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