5 Free Dates For Newly Engaged Couples

Engaged Couple

*Photo by Kelly Rose Photography*

So he finally popped the question! Your ring is beautiful and you've spent every spare moment dreaming about that magical day that you will become his wife. In the midst of all of the excitement is inevitably a huge list of 'to-do's' that take over most of your days and rob you of precious moments to relax together and actually enjoy being engaged. Not to mention, the cost of that wedding is adding up fast and you can't even think about going out on a date together because you're pinching pennies. One of the things that so many couples forget is that it's SO important to keep dating throughout engagement and marriage. Those special memories will keep the spark alive and will keep you excited to continue to know each other deeper. So, to help you to enjoy being engaged (you're only engaged once!) and to keep dating, we've come up with 5 FREE date ideas that you can steal to make some awesome memories with your special someone!

1. Indoor Camping

Make a pillow fort, grab a deck of cards and make some hot chocolate. Hang out in that fort with candle on the floor and roast mini marshmallows over it

2. Pre-School Date

Make a list together of all of the things you loved when you were 3 years old. Do them all! (Think finger painting, dress-up, and play-dough) Bonus points if you dress like you're a toddler too!

3. Mystery Drive

Get in the car and take turns choosing left or right turns for one hour and see where you end up! You might discover a place you never knew existed!

4. Oddball Holiday

There is apparently an official holiday for every single day of the year. Search to find out which holiday is today and celebrate it all-out!

5. Open Houses

Pick a weekend day and look up all of the open houses in the area. Visit as many as you want. Enjoy the free cookies that many of them serve, and soak up all of the attention you'll get for being a newly engaged couple

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